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Please fill out our online application below. Please note this is only an application for a loan and you will be required to bring in the supporting documentation listed below to receive final approval for your loan.

I live in the Memphis, New Orleans, Shreveport or surrounding area and will provide a recent paycheck stub, recent bank statement, telephone or utility bill, and driver's licence to the closest EZ Cash location to finalize the approval of your loan. NOTE: We do not process loans online.

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I certify that the information supplied is true and correct. By pressing submit below I authorize verification of the truthfulness of all information contained herein, including contact with any person or firm listed above, and I fully release all parties from any and all liability for any damage that may result. Any false statement made by me shall be sufficient basis for rejection. I understand that EZ Cash does not perform a lengthy credit check on applicants but does perform a search in the Teletrack database. Teletrack is a national database of consumers who have a record of transactions in certain industries including, but not limited to, deferred deposit, check cashing, rent to own, consumer finance and retail furniture stores. I agree to and authorize such a search. I have and understood the above statements. I acknowledge that this application and supporting documentation provided with it is the property of EZ Cash.



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